Unofficial Foxylicious - Firefox Extension

28. March 2009, 12:33

Unofficial Foxylicious can import your Online Bookmarks from and export your Firefox bookmarks to

Some screenshots:

foxylicious 0.7.2 Images


2009/09/05 in Foxylicious

  • Uploaded install package was broken

2009/07/26 in Foxylicious

  • integration with the Import/Export Menu should work now.
  • normalize Tags on export should work
  • cleaned up options window
  • added German translation

2009/03/23 in Foxylicious 0.7.2:

  • added support for “tags”
  • now you can also export your Firefox Bookmarks to
  • now integrates with the Import/Export Menu of the “Organize Bookmarks” window

Things that don’t work yet:

  • enable Daily updates, only works for import and probably won’t work reliably
  • sometimes the selected folder is not saved….

This version is not well tested – so be careful…

Foxylicious is based on an unoffical Foxylicious 0.7.1 by Jesse Kuhnert which itself is based on the original Foxylicious version 0.7 by Dietrich Ayala


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